Free condoms and lubes when you get tested on HIV!

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Project h4

Welcome to Project H4-Palawan, Inc. non profit organizations

what do we do?


PBSR, is a program focused on workplaces. Companies and their employees are given HIV 101 and SOGIE orientation. HIV screening is also partnered in the orientation where employees who don’t have time to visit HIV testing facilities will have the opportunity to know their status. Assistance on crafting their workplace policy is also provided.

HIV Caravan

Caravan is a project that involves a call to action drive for the Youth for HIV prevention. The problem in the Philippines is the increasing number of Youth aged 16-24 getting infected by HIV.  Sex is highly accessible in universities thru the aid of social media applications. The program will make use of the social as one of its mode of information drive. The program will include an HIV orientation tailor fit HIV awareness for the Youth and ways to knowledge sharing and Behaviour Change Communication. HIV screening is also offered to students who volunteer to know their status.

Todo Na Toh!

Todo na Toh!, is a multi-sectoral and integrated  program involving wellness, HIV and STI prevention (awareness, counseling, testing and referrals), and road safety designed for public transport drivers in Puerto Princesa City.

What are the trainings we received and provide?

Peer Education Training

Voluntary Counselling and Testing on HIV

Community Base Screening